I am not your typical web designer, I tend to like brighter colors than your corporate norm. I enjoy web design and fall in love with each design as I am working on it. I try to improve my skills with each oppertunity. I want to give you a design that you can love as well, and that functions far above your expectations.

http://www.netturtlestudios.com/cashflow2u.biz/ netturtlestudios.com/cashflow2u.biz/index.html

The website for Crossover Christian Center will always have a special place in my heart, Bishop Frederick Brown was the first person to trust me as a student to build him a website. Thank you for being my first client Bishop Brown.

Deacon Johnny, was impressed with the work done on the Crossover website, he quickly signed up for one for his business.

Finding out about my work through Facebook a friend from out of state asked for a website as he launched his book.

A labor of love. It is a joy to be able to use my skills to provide this website for my church.

My cousin Evy Rosbrook, has a beautiful vision and desire to help minister and provide dresses to this African village. Wanting to help I volunteered where I could and made her this website.

The background, boarders and coloum tops are fabric swatches from Tanzania.

I saw an oppertunity to improve my Entrepreneur instructrors ministry website, when he saw this one both he and his wife had one word. "Wow!" I was very glad they liked it.


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