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A Beautifully Written Book With a Message of Empowerment

"The Amazing Adventures of Ryan Jacob Brown" written by Lorena Williams and illustrated by Valerie Berry is a fun book that will entertain and encourage your child's imagination.

Seven and a half year old Ryan Jacob Brown is a vivacious young boy who finds adventure in everyday situations. This beautifully illustrated book brings life to its characters and brings with it a message of empowerment.

Ryan's boyish charm is realistic and the message interwoven in this short story is one of relevance in today's society. In the midst of Ryan's super hero alter ego, he comes to realize that his parents are indeed a part of his protective covering in life and that it is up to him to keep his radar open for stranger danger, even in his own neighborhood.

Ryan is a hero in his own right and his most empowering moments come from knowing that his parents have his best interest at heart. Be wary of strangers is smart advice for any super hero.

If you are looking for a short story for your child, niece, nephew or grandchildren that contains a powerful message, then this is the book. Look for more books written by Lorena Williams, her objective is to bring stories to life that will have a positive impact on children.

By Teila Tankersly
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